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For decades, companies have offered free and/or discounted services as a way of grabbing an audience's attention. Recently, the Web opened the doors to a global marketplace. The result of this is that more companies are vying for your attention, and companies that may have once controlled a small local market are given the opportunity to spread their influence across national borders.

DREAM FREEBIES was founded to provide web users with one central source of free stuff. We attempt to cut through the clutter by providing you with links to the finest giveaways, contests and other free offers that can be obtained online.

So far, we feel that we're doing a pretty good job of it. DREAM FREEBIES is now the world's largest directory of free stuff - listing more than 5000 individual offers! We're also one of the the Web's fastest-growing sites in terms of popularity - so you can be assured that we'll be dishing up the best freebies for years to come!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please: Email Us

We'd also be very grateful if you could drop us a line if you ever come across a broken link or an expired offer somewhere within our directory. It's not easy keeping track of so many freebies! ;-)

In addition, if you know of any free stuff offers that aren't presently listed in the pages of DREAM FREEBIES, please email us. If we believe the offer to be of a high enough quality, it will be listed within 24 hours!

I hope you have a great time at DREAM FREEBIES!

All the best,
Joshua Smith
Head Freebie Hunter

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