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Below, you will find a carefully curated selection of free offers related to this category. The "Featured Freebie" items are some that we consider to be the most compelling available, but there are also a number of gems to be found within the related links that follow. If you come across any broken links or would like to suggest a new listing, please contact us using the email link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Featured Freebies

    - Your one-stop guide to free recipes. Contains dozens of printable, quick-reference recipes, each grouped into categories such as Global Gourmet, Seasonal Specials, Desserts & Sweets and many more.

    - This has long been one of the world's leading sources of detailed recipes. The site includes not only the directions and ingredient list for each recipe, but often a series of instructional photographs, which make it easier to check that you're on the right track when testing a new recipe for the first time. Recommended.

    HEALTH FOOD RECIPE - This collection of free, healthy recipes is supported by a fabulous website that allows you to bookmark your favorite recipes and to tick off ingredients as you source them, to simplify the process of preparing your meals. Their range includes dozens of recipes for appetizers, main meals, salads, healthy(ish) desserts and much more.

    - If you're wanting to try something new this Christmas and are looking for free recipes to help you to develop a truly festive selection of drinks, appetizers, sides, main courses and desserts, Xmas Recipes is the source for you. All of their recipes relate to Christmas, and are bound to set the right mood for your next festive meal.

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