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As with chat rooms, there was a time when free email providers were plentiful. In recent years, the space has consolidated, with fewer players surviving, but with the amount of space and functionality increasing from those that remain. Below is a list including both the leading players in the space, including offerings from tech heavyweights Microsoft and Google, plus smaller free email offerings from niche players.

Featured Freebies

    - A wonderful free email and calendaring service, Google's Gmail is the most popular free email service in operation.

    - This provider offers free email accounts with 2GB of storage space, and a mobile-friendly interface. The appeal of this service is that it provides access to a diverse selection of possible domain names attached to your email address, such as,,,, and many more.

    - In the late 1990s, the biggest and best-known free email provider was a plucky little startup called HoTMaiL. That service was acquired by Microsoft and has gradually morphed into the web-based email service. Fortunately, it remains possible for people to sign up for free email accounts through the service, with addresses or, complete with both email and calendar functionality.

    - Once competing with Google for dominance in the search field, Yahoo! has since lost ground as a web directory, but many of its other services remain highly active, including its free email account offering.

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