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Easter Freebies

Below, you will find a carefully curated selection of free offers related to this category. The "Featured Freebie" items are some that we consider to be the most compelling available, but there are also a number of gems to be found within the related links that follow. If you come across any broken links or would like to suggest a new listing, please contact us using the email link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Featured Freebies

    - An archive of downloadable Easter-related goodies - all of which are free. Includes Easter screensavers, desktop enhancements, games, wallpapers, programs, music and more.

    - Entertain your friends and loved ones this Easter with this hilarious collection of Easter-related jokes, amusing short stories, catchy songs and funny pics.

    - On which weekend is Easter being celebrated this year? The answer to that immortal question is found simply and easily on the Easter Dates website. They have Easter weekend dates listed from the current year, all the way up to 2050, so now you have no excuse for not being able to plan ahead. :)

    - This site gives you access to a collection of free, browser-based online games that relate to Easter, including everything from a third-person race-style egg collection game, to a springtime dress-up experience.

    - If you're intending to host an event this Easter, or to contribute a dish to your workplace or a potluck party, why not create a dish that is fun and festive, but still healthy? The seven Easter recipes on this site help to balance out the delicious chocolate consumption that happens at this time of year by adding a nutritious touch to the event.

    - Crack up your audience of friends, colleagues or classmates this Easter with a collection of brief, pun-tastic Easter dad jokes. Ranging from the witty to the downright terrible, these gags are bound to generate a memorable response.