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If the internet has brought us one thing, it's an abundance of hilarity. From viral Vine videos, cat clips and shareable memes, to TikTok, satirical news sites and much more. At its core, the free availability of jokes, gags and funny pictures seems to hold the internet together. We hope that the following collection of funny websites and joke repositories puts a wide smile on your face.

Featured Freebies

    - Billing itself as the definitive source of cringe-worthy humor, this site is filled to the gills with everyone's favorite style of groan-inducing gag - the humble dad joke. Find collections of jokes about love and relationships, family, the workplace, sport, movies, respectful send-ups of different cultural practices, as well as gags about special occasions such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's Eve.

    - Features an hilarious collection of Easter-related jokes, witty short stories, songs and funny pics that are perfect for sharing on social media or around the table at your next Easter gathering.

    - An hilarious collection of jokes about love, relationships and gender interaction. Find everything from cringe-inducing dad jokes, to knock-knock quips, witty one-liners and funny romantic stories here.

    - Provides a lighter-hearted view of Christmas through a collection of jokes, funny stories and comical pictures. Make a splash on social media this feative season by sharing some of these rip-roaring festive gags.

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